[Vwdiesel] I got the Rabbit all buttoned up, and...

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> The air filter was new not too long ago also, and they don't seem to get
> dirty very fast for me. I guess I don't see too much dust, even though I
> live on a farm on a gravel road.

  I used to think the same thing until I noticed a loss of power in my 
Rabbit one late, spring-early summer.  I'd about given up that it was 
just going to have less power in warmer weather.  The air filter wasn't
10K old but for some reason one day I had it off so I blew it out.  
Nothing substantial came out but the power was back!  At least on 
mine (lots of little mods done) a little dirt adds up and the spring 
roads have a lot more dust than you'd think!

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