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Good info ( i have a '04)
Noticed that is seems VW narrowed the lobes (width) on the camshaft to get
the 'extra' PD lobe on the cam,
 raising the pressure all the lobes have to endure.
Of coarse, even BMW has had issues with the camshafts,
 back in the late '80s that didn't get 'hardened' correctly
causing soft lobes to eat lifters in 30k miles.

On 4/4/09, dieseltdi at verizon.net <dieseltdi at verizon.net> wrote:
> Since so many have asked:
> There "appears" to be a problem with the PD (unit injector) TDI made
> from 04-07.  Some, and no one can seem to quantify how many, of these
> engines are suffering from premature failure of the cam, cam bearings,
> and lifters.  Actually only about 1/2 of them go bad but that is a
> different story.  The cause may be:  poor quality of the metal in the
> cam (manufacturing flaw), asymmetrical pressure on the cam and lifters
> due to the lobes on the cam that fire the injectors (design flaw), or
> possibly use of the improper oil by the owner or even by VW
> dealerships (stupidity flaw)  (VW recommends oil that meets a 505.01
> standard and you won't believe the arguments over this!),  Now, I
> personally have no problems yet but when I get time I do intend to
> pull the valve cover and have a look see.  But, to save time, I have
> listed below the 3 questions I asked on the TDI Club forum and the
> answer I finally got.  The answers are in the form of posts on the
> forum so simply click on them to find out.  BTW I think we got two
> different posts mixed up, I don't find my Jetta "gutless and low
> powered, just the opposite, especially since it is chipped to produce
> 125 hp.  Hayden
> 1) What symptoms are exhibited by a PD engine, during normal
> operation, that would lead one to believe that the excessive wear
> problem has occurred?
> http://forums.tdiclub.com/showpost.php?p=2414784&postcount=72
> 2) If I remove the valve cover, what can I expect to see if the
> excessive cam wear has occurred?
> http://forums.tdiclub.com/showpost.php?p=2313139&postcount=1
> 3) What parts are necessary for repair and who can supply those parts?
> http://forums.tdiclub.com/showpost.php?p=1998933&postcount=2
> Hope this may help.
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