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The BEW valve cover is supposedly NOT reuseable and costs $80-110+  because
of on integrated seal.
personally, I might make an effort to reuse.

On 4/4/09, brian gochnauer <brian at gochnauer.net> wrote:
> Good info ( i have a '04)
> Noticed that is seems VW narrowed the lobes (width) on the camshaft to get
> the 'extra' PD lobe on the cam,
>  raising the pressure all the lobes have to endure.
> Of coarse, even BMW has had issues with the camshafts,
>  back in the late '80s that didn't get 'hardened' correctly
> causing soft lobes to eat lifters in 30k miles.
>  On 4/4/09, dieseltdi at verizon.net <dieseltdi at verizon.net> wrote:
>> Since so many have asked:
>> There "appears" to be a problem with the PD (unit injector) TDI made
>> from 04-07.  Some, and no one can seem to quantify how many, of these
>> engines are suffering from premature failure of the cam, cam bearings,
>> and lifters.  Actually only about 1/2 of them go bad but that is a
>> different story.  The cause may be:  poor quality of the metal in the
>> cam (manufacturing flaw), asymmetrical pressure on the cam and lifters
>> due to the lobes on the cam that fire the injectors (design flaw), or
>> possibly use of the improper oil by the owner or even by VW
>> dealerships (stupidity flaw)  (VW recommends oil that meets a 505.01
>> standard and you won't believe the arguments over this!),  Now, I
>> personally have no problems yet but when I get time I do intend to
>> pull the valve cover and have a look see.  But, to save time, I have
>> listed below the 3 questions I asked on the TDI Club forum and the
>> answer I finally got.  The answers are in the form of posts on the
>> forum so simply click on them to find out.  BTW I think we got two
>> different posts mixed up, I don't find my Jetta "gutless and low
>> powered, just the opposite, especially since it is chipped to produce
>> 125 hp.  Hayden
>> 1) What symptoms are exhibited by a PD engine, during normal
>> operation, that would lead one to believe that the excessive wear
>> problem has occurred?
>> http://forums.tdiclub.com/showpost.php?p=2414784&postcount=72
>> 2) If I remove the valve cover, what can I expect to see if the
>> excessive cam wear has occurred?
>> http://forums.tdiclub.com/showpost.php?p=2313139&postcount=1
>> 3) What parts are necessary for repair and who can supply those parts?
>> http://forums.tdiclub.com/showpost.php?p=1998933&postcount=2
>> Hope this may help.
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