[Vwdiesel] Bad experience on TDI club

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sat Apr 4 16:02:00 PDT 2009

On a gas job, that usually points to oil dilution as a factor, ya know, gas
gets into the oil, either from running rich while cold, overfueling, etc...
What high quality synth do you use Nick? There are a lot that are called
"synthetic" as an advertising term, not a description of the contents.

> Case in point. Our 08 Acadia with the new 3.6L VVT engine is killing
> the
> engine oil. I can't go past 4k miles on an oil change, even with
> running a
> high quality synthetic.  There seems to be an issue with the engine
> design
> and since the oil system runs the variable valve timing it is putting
> extra
> strain on the oil.  Maybe something kind of similar in the TDI's?
> Nick

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