[Vwdiesel] CV Joint grease

Patrick Dolan pmdolan at sasktel.net
Sun Apr 5 12:33:30 PDT 2009

Grease, synthetic or otherwise, is available in several grades, or "thcknesses".  Synthetic just refers to how the base oil that is suspended within the "soap" was made.  It is, however, critical to get the ADDITIVES correct for the application.  In this case, it is the molybdenum disulphide (what makes CV joint grease black) that is needed, so in no way to you want to play with something else.  There may indeed by a synthetic oil (grease) with MoS2 in it, but I can't say I have seen one.

The other thing to think about:  a CY joint may turn around, but the bearings don't actully move very much (in fact, doesn't move at all if the axle is straight) so there is very little to be gained with a full synth lube.

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Subject: [Vwdiesel] CV Joint grease

> Has anyone repacked their CV joints with synthetic grease? Is 
> syntheticgrease too "stiff" for the CV joints? Are the standard 
> drive axles the same
> for all 80' - 85' VWs?
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