[Vwdiesel] When it rains...

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Hi Val;
    If the clutch or tranny has anything to do with it I'm out in left field
but to a Rabbit driver growling that stops when you do is usualy a front
wheel bearing. It will go many thousand miles after I hear it for the first
time untill I think if I don't change it something catastrophic will happen.
Brian Decker
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> OK, like I didn't have at least one problem emerging on my TDI.  Now I
> need some group wisdom.
> Symptoms: Growling, as in bearing, going down the road
> -appears to disappear without forward motion
> -clutch engages and disengages smoothly
> -clutch pedal has vibration on it, and does not have the "free play" it
> used to
> -had one instance on a 3-4 shift where the  transmission appeared to be
not completely synced.  That happened several days ago, and I attributed it
to me
> not noticing something, or doing something right (distraction)
> I'm thinking release bearing or bearing/fork  What are you thinking?
> Ideas?
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