[Vwdiesel] It lives

Dave Newlin dhanew at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 8 14:49:44 PDT 2009


 Thanks for all of your help trying to get this diesel Rabbit of mine running that has been sitting for 9 years. I was able to use your tips to get it running although it will only run on fresh diesel hooked up to the pump inlet. I took the line off from the filter and I am running it having in a bottle of new diesel. I need to get as much of the old diesel out of the tank and get new stuff in there. Hooked up to the fuel filter the engine fires, but won't keep running. I started it this afternoon, a beautiful Spring day in Michigan and it came to life belching white smoke out of the engine, blocking the sun and leading my neighbor to come by and ask me if I am running kerosene in it. I felt sort of like Dr. Frankenstein yelling "It lives! It lives!"

 I have one problem so far. The throttle doesn't work. I pull the lever at the engine or push down the pedal and the engine doesn't increase or decrease in RPM. Is this just a matter of running it a while and it will clear up and it will begin to work or is it something bigger.




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