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Both of my door switches in the Golf are dead.  The drivers side thinks the door is always closed while the passenger side is intermittent and thinks the door is always open.  You have to slam the door pretty good to get it to shut off.  I've got some new switches I'm going to try to retrofit in the Door Lock Modules in order to fix the problem.  New DLMs are anywhere from $130-160 online!  The switches are $3 at RadioShack and $9 at Allied, so I figured it was worth a shot.


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>In addition to what Matt said, be certain the door contact sensors are
>working.  Both were replaced on my parent's 05, and one just died on mine
>last week.  The interior lights have to go on when you open the door, or
>they are not working.  You don't really notice that until night unless
>you're looking for it.
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>> Greetings!
>> I'm looking at at 2005 Passat TDI that has around 50K for potential
>> purchase.  Is there anything in particular I should be concerned about
>> and looking for?
>> Thanks for your collective help,
>> Greg
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