[Vwdiesel] Help!

brian gochnauer brian at gochnauer.net
Sat Apr 18 16:09:47 PDT 2009

I'd think you'd be fine just pinning the IP and marking the cam. When I had
the cam sprocket off I noticed a keyway in the camshaft (but no key of
course), odd.

I finally used Val's idea and pulled the injector and used a wire through
the pre-chamber to locate TDC and then marked the flywheel.
All timed back up and running.
It might be offset more then 45 degrees but I had already popped the
camshaft loose so I didn't want to risk bending a valve by rotating the
crank too far.

I was trying to sell it, but both prospects backed out, maybe I should throw
that $450 turbo upgrade on it !  :)


On 4/18/09, Sandy Cameron <scameron at storm.ca> wrote:
> At 11:34 AM 18/04/2009 -0500, you wrote:
> >I have a Bentley manual for reference.
> >but I can't find the flywheel TDC mark on the  my 1.6L through the 'screw'
> >cover .
> >
> >This was running engine when I drove it into the garage.
> >I resealed the IP and put it back on started it up, ran and idled fine.
> >
> I have a 91 (my son's) here in my driveway that has the flywheel 60* off
> with respect to the cam and IP  and it runs fine.  I was told someone did
> the clutch, and probably did not replace the flywheel locating dowel. I
> think the wheel can be put on 6 diferent ways (or 8) forget how many bolts
> there are. Less than a gasser.
> If the dowel is left out
> I wanted to change the TB when we got it, so before removing the existing
> belt, I located TDC as well as I could (certainly less than a belt tooth),
> by the IP sprocket, (using a locating pin) and paint marked the cam, and
> painted a mark on the flywheel too.
> Did the TB change, no problem. I don't even loosen the cam bolt or remove
> the cover for a routine TB replacement. Only when I do a head gasket.
> ALways  mark the cam location accurately before loosening the tensioner..
> Purists will groan, but it works for me every time without fail, and I have
> done quite a few.
> You did remove the entire plastic plug???? if you left the outer ring, it
> covers the marks so you can't see them.
> Sandy

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