[Vwdiesel] Clutch problems

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> Well, I can lift it, so I might be able to bench press it, but I think 
> maybe
> I'll use a floorjack... :)
> You just support the engine and lower the tranny out the bottom, right? 
> How
> do you take care of the mount there in the rear of the engine/tranny? (The
> one towards the rear of the car, closest to the passenger compartment.) It
> seems like the way it is mounted it could be a hassle. I haven't attempted
> anything yet.

  Well, I have to admit I'm thinkin along the lines of an A1 for that 
of hours time.  I'm not positive an A2 tranny WILL come out the bottom!  
They don't come out the top real easy.  The only one I've had to pull 
needed the engine out mostly so I took them out the top because I just 
couldn't see any way of getting them out below, as on an A1.
  Seriously it always seemed a lot easier to bench press the tranny 
in place rather than use a jack.  Even when going back with a jack I'd 
end up just holding it with it and then benching the whole thing in place, 
which I don't do well.  A friend helps.  Of course you need to make 
something to hold the engine up by that cast eye on the rear of the 
head so it stays up while you drop out the tranny.  It needs to be able 
to lower a bit so the tranny can clear though.  Again, A1 experience.
  I have a son that tends to force things and not even know he's doing it.  

Even as a todler he seemed to think that if he just pushed harder, that 
star shaped plastic piece would go through the square hole in that plastic 
ball he had!  Nearly every time he drove my Rabbit the shifter would be 
"off" when I got in again!  He'd just push somehow and it shifted REALLY 

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