[Vwdiesel] More Quantum Questions?

brian gochnauer brian at gochnauer.net
Mon Apr 20 05:26:30 PDT 2009

 The seal I had (green) could not be stretched over the head, meaning that I
had to remove the head and the pump piston you've so cleverly kept in place
will fall.
Yes the bolt in the center would solve the problem of keeping the govenor
lever engaged, until you remove the head, but I don't see how you'd ever
keep the springs lined up with their seats that stay in the pump, since that
seat also rotates VERY freely.

If you had a really stretchy seal, I definitely believe you could do it.

You successfully did which?
... stretched the replacement seal over the head
... completely removing the head of the pump while in the car and reassembed
... think it is possible, but was unsuccessful


On 4/19/09, Erik Lane <eriklane at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well, you can replace the O-ring while it's in the car, but you first have
> to go out and buy a certain bolt that then threads in the hole in the
> middle
> of the high pressure head and you can very slowly and carefully back some
> out while turning that one in to hold internals in place. It takes some
> care, and if done improperly can damage stuff, but it's not terribly
> difficult, just a little time consuming.
> I know it's possible, since I've done it, but I also messed it up the first
> time I tried it and I had to get it out and on the bench to disassemble and
> reassemble correctly. It's not too bad, but can be a little painstaking.
> All that said, if this guy knows what he's doing and is good like that, I'd
> happily send him a pump next time I need it rebuilt!
> I'll be very interested in hearing what the results are!
> Erik
> On Sun, Apr 19, 2009 at 2:51 AM, William J Toensing
> <toensing at wildblue.net>wrote:
> > Well, no more right now but I am sure more will follow. What follows will
> > be a progress report & report of an interesting phone conversion I had.
> > I bought a used Quantum IP on eBay for $150 & had him forward it to a
> > repair person in Maryland whom I shall not name yet, for rebuilding,
> since I
> > have not received the pump yet. However, if my gut feeling is correct
> this
> > person may prove to be an excellent reliable inexpensive source to have
> IPs
> > repaired. He told me he had finished the pump repair & the total cost was
> > $165 including shipping.
> > I had a very interesting conversation with this person who told me he was
> > retired from Chrysler Corp. & was involved in the engineering of the
> > Cummings diesel for the Dodge pickup, & was involved with the VE pump
> used
> > on the Dodge/Cummings. He said this was a Bosch designed pump very
> similar
> > to the Bosch VE pump used on VWs except the Dodge has 6 cylinders. He
> said
> > he was rather upset with some of these "Redneck Mechanics" who were
> messing
> > up the Cummings VE pumps for more power which he said compromised engine
> > longevity in order to "peal rubber" & dropped mileage on a 5 speed
> > Dodge/Cummings from up to 27 MPG to 14 MPG. He also felt it was not right
> > for some of these "Redneck Mechanics" to get $500 or more for an hours
> work
> > rebuilding VW IP pumps, often improperly.
> > He also said you can't replace the big "O" ring at the rear of the IP
> while
> > on the car. It has to be off the car & in a vertical position. So, I
> think I
> > goofed in trying to replace the rear IP "O" ring while on the Quantum. I
> > will also have a properly rebuilt & re sealed IP out of this. I will then
> > have that one rebuilt & possibly use it on the '86 Jetta & go for the
> turbo
> > kit for it.
> > Thanks to all who have provided tips so far & hope this long posting is
> of
> > interest to others.
> > Bill Toensing, Nevada City, CA
> >
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