[Vwdiesel] IP sprocket tool WAS: More Quantum Questions?

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Wed Apr 22 01:00:55 PDT 2009

The absolute most ignorant one I ever had to pull didn't come off with
prying or hammering.  I was afraid for the injection pump I was hitting it
so hard. (I use a 2 lb hammer and a 3" round piece of uhmw poly.
(ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene)  Engine was out, so swing wasn't
an issue.   I got it off by putting a cheesy little 2 jaw puller in place,
so the jaws grabbed the hub, not the pulley greater diameter.  Tightened it
so the water ran out, and used my lead hammer I use to jar lathe chucks
loose with.  Puller shot across the room, sprocket fell off.  I seriously
doubt that it would have come off with  prying and tapping.
What I'm getting at, is a good reversible jaw 2 jaw puller is better,
because you can use it for more than just a specific job.  Job specific
pullers are cool, but specific tools tend to pile up...  I like more
versatility for my buck.

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> I'm tempted to get the VW tool since it can be such a PITA.  I've been
> looking at this one (Part MN2222):
> I've always just used a couple pry bars/large screwdrivers and a couple
> good raps with a hammer.?
> It'd take a lot of rubber mallet to do it IMO.
> ???? Loren
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