[Vwdiesel] Hood Pins was hood latch difficulties

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Hi Sandy;
    You are right hood pins will cure the hood latch problem. I have a set
on a 1979 Scirocco. I didn't put them on, they were on there when I got it
and to me they are too much bother. I don't dislike them enough to take them
off but I wouldn't put them on another A!. The thing I do with my Rabbit
pickups is take the striker plate from an 80 or earlier Rabbit that opens
from the front of the car. Just a little lever sticks through the grill. No
cable to stretch or break and it seems to work every time.

Brian Decker

1981 Dasher Station Wagon = 5spd, 1.6 D
1983 Mitsubishi Mighty Max pickup = 2.3 diesel, 4 wheel drive
1981 Rabbit Pickup = 5 spd, 1.8, gas ( for Sale )
1981 Rabbit Pickup = 5spd, 1.5, Turbo Diesel ( Project )
1990 VW Fox Station Wagon = 5spd, 2.0, 16 valve, gas ( Project )

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> At 11:04 PM 23/04/2009 -0600, you wrote:
> >For the longest time, I'd close the hood, and it would be crooked.
> >When crooked, the passenger corner would buff up and down in the wind
> >while driving down the road.  Also, the hood release cable doesn't
> >work.  To open the hood, just grab it and pull.
> >>
> >The trouble is, I'm short on cash, and I need the car to be road
> >worthy as the Golf needs to go down for some freshening.  Has anyone
> >ever just rebuilt the stupid thing and gotten it to work again?
> >
> Go to your local FLAPS or racing supply and buy a pair of hood pins, (what
> are they called, James?) drill the holes and install them. No more
> Sandy
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