[Vwdiesel] *help* - 2001 Golf headlight issue

Matt_Lisa matt_lisa at sprynet.com
Fri Apr 24 11:51:04 PDT 2009

I've replaced the small bulb in the hi beam before, but it's really a pain to get to.  You have to pull off the inner cover from inside the engine compartment and twist the bulb holder out.  

As for your headlight, is there a fuse for each light in the mk4?  I'm at work, so my Bentley is sitting at home where I can't look. :-)

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>more headlight woes
>driver's side bulb was burnt out, so I replaced
>driver's side headlight still not working
>what IS working is little bulb below the hi-beam on driver's side,  
>this little bulb is NOT working on pass side
>to sum up:
>- key in and on: pass side headlite on, not driver's side
>- turn headlite selector to 'on', little bulb below hibeam on driver's  
>side comes on; little bulb still off on pass side
>- turn hibeams on, both hibeams come on, little bulb below hibeam  
>still on driver's side, still off on pass side
>I'm tearing my hair out here
>someone suggested headlight connector
>what is this and how do I service/replace?
>any other suggestions?
>desperately need inspection sticker
>Rolf in MA
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