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>I had a very interesting conversation with this person who told me he was retired from Chrysler Corp..
>He also said you can't replace the big "O" ring at the rear of the IP while on the car. It has to be off the car & in a vertical position.

No disrespect, but it can be done - in the car. I've done it successfully, and have over 2 years on the reseal. A '91 NA Jetta.
There's a writeup on the process on the vwdieselparts forum (I think), if not, vwdiesel.net.
You have to be careful, and super-clean, and use a mirror to verify the the o-ring is in place, and not going to be pinched.
I had the whole engine and pump surgically clean before starting, degreased, wire brushed w/ a brass "toothbrush' sized brush, and acid etched with alloy wheel cleaner to get all of the oxidation off, and down to bare aluminum. The wheel cleaner took the rusty pump 'head' down to grey iron.
While doing the operation, I kept hosing the area down with WD-40, and took my time, then checked and double checked from all angles. (still almost screwed up, and would have without the mirror)
The long bolt run into the center hole was turned in 1/4 turn at a time, as all of the pump head bolts were loosened 1/4 turn at a time.
Takes much patience.
If you don't have it, don't start the job..


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