[Vwdiesel] *help* - 2001 Golf headlight issue

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 24 16:32:43 PDT 2009

> thanks Erik
> I went thru the entire fuse box a week ago
> unless it's blown again, they were all good
> (anyone know which ones are for the headlights?
> the little diagram is missing)
> Rolf in MA

The fuse box on the top of the battery is as follows:

(left to right as looking at it from the front of the car)
S177 (strip), generator
S176 (strip), Ignition, load reduction relay, fuse panel/power supply relay.
S164 (strip), Coolant fan control module
S163 (strip), Fuel pump relay/Glow plug relay
S162 (strip), Secondary air injection pump/preheating coolant relay

S180 (Blade), Coolant fan control terminal switch, coolant fan control 
module (this is the low speed fan feed)
S179 (Blade), ABS control module
S178 (Blade),

There is a socond fusebox on the side of the dash, where you open the 
drivers door. Pop the plastic cover off the end of the dash.
In the fusebox on the side of the dash, here is what you need:

Fuse #:
18, High beam indicatorr, fog light relay, high beam head light (right)
19, High beam head light (left)
20, Head light (right)
21, Head light (left)

Of that fusebox in the dash, looking right at it, there is a line of fuses 
on top, and one below. The one on top starts out 2 high on the left, and 
ends up four high on the right. The fuses are numbered like this on top:
           8  -12-16-20
       5-9  -13-17-21

I hope this keeps it's layout in the email. If not, I'll send another with a 
beter description.


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