[Vwdiesel] 2001 Golf GLOW PLUG CIRCUIT error (was Headlight Issue - cont'd)

Rolf Pechukas rbp at 4u2bu.org
Sat Apr 25 11:22:44 PDT 2009

hey James
thanks again for the detailed response


> Yes, if you jumper the two glow circuits, you get equal voltage  
> drop, hence
> no CEL, but you have to clear the code IIRC or the light will stay on.

how do you clear the code?
how do you jumper the circuit?
DIY anywhere online?

> Cleaning the harness connectors does work for the most part, but it's
> another example of how ignorantly loyal we VW people are. The glow  
> plugs not
> working is an emissions issue because it smokes more at start when  
> they
> don't work.

I'm pretty sure the GPs all work perfectly
PO replaced all 2x - was at the dealer 1/2 dozen time for this CEL issue
pretty sure this is a wiring 'quirk'

> I would recommend fixing the brakes however.

if the ABS lite is intermittent, doesn't that indicate another wiring  
w/ VWs, unlike any other make, I generally assume the indicator faulty  
rather than the part
almost always the case, IME
but maybe I'm wrong here
what would be a sign of faulty ABS?
never had it on a car b4

> Do they use a scan tool or just look at the dash to see a light?
> Sometimes the lights fail to come on *coff*.

"coff'? typo, or something I don't know abt? oh, cough?
u mean the ABS is not working all the time and only indicator is  

> Not sure how that could
> happen, but abs is a rather good invention that I would like to see  
> working
> all the time were it mine.  Wheel sensors and wiring are usually the
> culprit. You have VCDS now, right?  That should help narrow it down.

that's VAG-COM, right?
don't even have a PC to run it on
but it is something I'm intending to acquire down the line if I keep  
this little annoying puppy

any way to check w/o V-C?

thanks again for all the help,

Rolf in MA

> -james
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>> Headlight Issue - cont'd)
>> hey gang
>> so I finally fixed the headlight issue
>> turns out the brand-new bulb I bought was bad
>> LOOKED fine, but wasn't
>> replaced and all good
>> went to get insp sticker and FAILED
>> why??
>> b/c the Check Engine light was on
>> code? 380 - Glow Plug circuit
>> failed for 'Emissions' (?!)
>> even though this error has nothing to do with emissions, apparently
>> any computer code error gets lumped under 'emissions'
>> so this Golf has apparently had this GP circuit issue for a long time
>> PO had the wiring harness replaced to no avail
>> I remember asking about this a while back, and someone said that the
>> GP sensor tests for resistance difference between the 2 sides (2 GPs
>> per side) of the GP circuit
>> if it finds a difference, it registers an error
>> for some reason, it's finding a difference
>> no issue w/ GPs - starts fine cold, even thru winter - chick vroom
>> is it possible to 'hotwire' or 'jump' this sensor somehow so it no
>> longer 'sees' a difference between the 2 sides?
>> b/c I have 60 days to fix this problem (thankfully it's not 7)
>> also:
>> ABS lite comes on intermittently too
>> could be just wasn't on during inspectn
>> but I could fix GP issue and still fail on re-inspection for ABS  
>> error
>> any way to jump THAT sensor?
>> thanks for all your help guys
>> I do NOT know my way around these late-model cars
>> looking wistfully at the 81 Rabbit sitting in my driveway
>> BTW, I'd hate that to sit for too long
>> anyone want a great Rabbit that needs a head gasket?
>> new tires, running like a top before it blew, some rust, but a great
>> daily driver
>> just don't know when I'm going to get to the head, and would hate for
>> it to rot
>> thanks again,
>> Rolf in MA
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