[Vwdiesel] 2001 Golf GLOW PLUG CIRCUIT error (was Headlight Issue - cont'd)

Matt matt_lisa at sprynet.com
Sat Apr 25 17:52:44 PDT 2009

99% of the time, it's either a burnt out glow plug or built up  
oxidization on the glow plug harness/glow plugs.  TDI Club had an  
excellent writeup on the glow plug system:


Mine CEL would come on about every 6 months.  I'd clean the harness,  
put it back on, reset the CEL, and all would be good for awhile.   
Since the last time, however, I really had a glow plug issue, so I  
replaced all 4.  The light hasn't come back.

I can't help much on the ABS problem, since I've never had a problem.   
Good luck with that one.

On another note, I was out doing struts today.  I got the rears  
replaced, but when it came to the fronts, they require a special tool  
to spread the strut clamp that I didn't bother to order (!).  So I got  
to button it up and call it a day.  I bought Bilstein TCs, and on my  
maiden voyage with the new rear suspension, I found that the back end  
is tight now.  No more bouncy bouncy.  Highly recommended :-D


On Apr 25, 2009, at 11:45 AM, Rolf Pechukas wrote:

> hey gang
> so I finally fixed the headlight issue
> turns out the brand-new bulb I bought was bad
> LOOKED fine, but wasn't
> replaced and all good
> went to get insp sticker and FAILED
> why??
> b/c the Check Engine light was on
> code? 380 - Glow Plug circuit
> failed for 'Emissions' (?!)
> even though this error has nothing to do with emissions, apparently
> any computer code error gets lumped under 'emissions'
> so this Golf has apparently had this GP circuit issue for a long time
> PO had the wiring harness replaced to no avail
> I remember asking about this a while back, and someone said that the
> GP sensor tests for resistance difference between the 2 sides (2 GPs
> per side) of the GP circuit
> if it finds a difference, it registers an error
> for some reason, it's finding a difference
> no issue w/ GPs - starts fine cold, even thru winter - chick vroom
> is it possible to 'hotwire' or 'jump' this sensor somehow so it no
> longer 'sees' a difference between the 2 sides?
> b/c I have 60 days to fix this problem (thankfully it's not 7)
> also:
> ABS lite comes on intermittently too
> could be just wasn't on during inspectn
> but I could fix GP issue and still fail on re-inspection for ABS error
> any way to jump THAT sensor?
> thanks for all your help guys
> I do NOT know my way around these late-model cars
> looking wistfully at the 81 Rabbit sitting in my driveway
> BTW, I'd hate that to sit for too long
> anyone want a great Rabbit that needs a head gasket?
> new tires, running like a top before it blew, some rust, but a great
> daily driver
> just don't know when I'm going to get to the head, and would hate for
> it to rot
> thanks again,
> Rolf in MA
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