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The C1 platorm cars came in NA and TD versions, and you could get them in both manual and automatic trans.  The C2 plaform came in TD version for '84 and '85 (not sure about later) but, regrettably, only with the horrible E+ automatic (going back to the '50s Audi 2 cycles - trans dissengaged to coast in top gear on over-run).  The cars were fabulous in their day, a little shy on power (but, it is a regular 1.6 TD, so more power is easy) but getting a little hard to support.  I have a C2 ('84), but things such as climate control computer are getting hard to find, and at this age, all of the electrical system corrossion related gremlins are regular (we also have some other C2 gassers, all same problems).

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> > What can the group tell me about 80's vintage Audis?
>  I have an '83 TD 5000.  Really nice car but haven't driven it 
> for 
> years.  Issues usually are a little weak on power and tail light 
> ground problems just like the gassers.
>    Loren
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