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> The C1 platorm cars came in NA and TD versions, and you could get them in 
> both manual and automatic trans.  The C2 plaform came in TD version for 
> '84 and '85 (not sure about later) but, regrettably, only with the horrible 
> E+ automatic (going back to the '50s Audi 2 cycles - trans dissengaged to 
> coast in top gear on over-run).  The cars were fabulous in their day, a 
> little shy on power (but, it is a regular 1.6 TD, so more power is easy) but 
> getting a little hard to support. 

  AFIK the TD only came with the automatic ('82, '83 only and '82's are 
even more scarce than the '83's.)  Won't swear to that but I've never 
seen the TD's with other than the auto and I think they only put the 
E-mode auto in them.  
  Curious what you don't like about it?  I really like them.  They don't 
simply cut out in top gear or at speed.  Any time you back off the 
throttle they release.  Strange at first but it makes stop lights much 
less shaky, quieter down hills and should contribute to better mpg.  
Not like a automatic, non-throttled diesel has a lot of holdback on 
hills to loose anyway.  They're no more or less dependable than 
the regular 3 speed 5k tranny since the difference is a single, 
interchangeable valve.  (of course the extra detent position etc)
  The 4K is a regular 1.6 diesel.  The 5k is internally a 5 cylinder 
version, thus making it a 2.0;externally about the same as the 
gasser version.
  Maybe he was actually wanting to know about the 4K's.  I keep 
forgetting about them! :-D

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