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I like the high stall converter, but I just don't like slushboxes of any kind - and especially don't like the lack of engine braking - little though it is.  The inefficiency of a non-locking converter drives me nuts too.The engine is a real sweetheart, but it belongs in (and will some day find itself) in my 924/M471.

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> pmdolan at sasktel.net writes:
> > The C1 platorm cars came in NA and TD versions, and you could 
> get them in 
> > both manual and automatic trans.  The C2 plaform came in TD 
> version for 
> > '84 and '85 (not sure about later) but, regrettably, only with 
> the horrible 
> > E+ automatic (going back to the '50s Audi 2 cycles - trans 
> dissengaged to 
> > coast in top gear on over-run).  The cars were fabulous in their 
> day, a 
> > little shy on power (but, it is a regular 1.6 TD, so more power 
> is easy) but 
> > getting a little hard to support. 
>  AFIK the TD only came with the automatic ('82, '83 only and 
> '82's are 
> even more scarce than the '83's.)  Won't swear to that but I've 
> never 
> seen the TD's with other than the auto and I think they only put 
> the 
> E-mode auto in them.  
>  Curious what you don't like about it?  I really like them.  They 
> don't 
> simply cut out in top gear or at speed.  Any time you back off the 
> throttle they release.  Strange at first but it makes stop lights 
> much 
> less shaky, quieter down hills and should contribute to better 
> mpg.  
> Not like a automatic, non-throttled diesel has a lot of holdback 
> on 
> hills to loose anyway.  They're no more or less dependable than 
> the regular 3 speed 5k tranny since the difference is a single, 
> interchangeable valve.  (of course the extra detent position etc)
>  The 4K is a regular 1.6 diesel.  The 5k is internally a 5 
> cylinder 
> version, thus making it a 2.0;externally about the same as the 
> gasser version.
>  Maybe he was actually wanting to know about the 4K's.  I keep 
> forgetting about them! :-D
>    Loren
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