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Hi Bill;
    Roger answered your post about Cruise Control and that is a fine
solution if one has a VSS which our old VW diesels didn't have stock. The
Audio-Vox after market cruise control works great. I have one on my 1981
Dasher diesel station wagon with it's 1.6 N/A engine. Everything you need
comes in the box with the kit. For cars with no VSS they provide magnets for
pickups that go on an inner C/V joint. This is my third VW diesel that I
have had an Audio-Vox unit on. The only problem I have had with mine is that
at very high altitudes it doesn't work. I think it is because our vacuum
pump doesn't put out enough vacuum at very high altitude. Mine cost about
120 bucks at a local shop that sells Banks turbos and other diesel hop up
equipment for diesel pickups. I am about to buy another to go on my just
purchased 1983 Mitsubishi Might Max four wheel drive diesel pickup with a
2.3 turbo diesel engine.
Brian Decker
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> Finally got my "new" rebuild IP installed & timed. Expect to re install
the radiator fans & shrouds, removed to provide working room. Then bleed the
IP with my Harbor Freight vacuum pump, & hopefully, it will come back to
life. Will let you know tomorrow.
> I think I found out why the power brakes don't work. I found a cut in the
line that runs from the vacuum vane pump to the power booster. However, that
hole, or more like a slit,  has a factory made look to it, not something
worn thru. Any comments re this?
> Once I get the Quantum running, I will check out the factory A/C to see if
it works. My guess is it doesn't. Also, my  "82 Quantum does NOT have cruise
control, which I will want to install. Suggestions here?
> Bill Toensing, Nevada City, CA
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