[Vwdiesel] (no subject)

Tim Ervin tre99neon at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 28 18:41:11 PDT 2009

81 Rabbit fuel line 

1)Where can I get or what KIND of fuel line should i get for the injectors on an 81 Diesel rabbit?
It has the braided style still on it and they seem to be leaking. I know it'll have to bee a thin wall tubing but the only things I have found are either nylon tubing, and something at the motorcycle shop for the vent but they didn't know if it would hold up to diesel. 

2)Also will biodiesel blends that they sell at the stations hurt regular hose? Seems like I heard it would the hose and the injector pump  seals.

3)And lastly .. anything additive wise I need to put in the fuel to make up for the ultra low sulpher they sell now?



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