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Wed Apr 15 09:17:53 PDT 2009

ther month ... and in some cases, only=A0 every 3rd month.=A0 The mpg was a=
 steady 53+ mpg day in and day out.=A0 Plus, when going across the flats of=
 Nevada back and forth to Elko, Ely or wherever ... was a bank auditor ... =
would have a greyhound bus pass me tooling down the road, and often I'd swi=
ng over into their draft, and could let up on the pedal to be sucked down t=
he road with the bus ... with only a bare minimum of pedal being used.

Traded it in a few years later, and have kicked myself in the +++ a thousan=
d times ... so much so that I recently got another 1981 version, this time =
a pickup ... and am trying to educate myself on it and to restore it as bes=
t I can by scouting any and every web site I can come across...... which is=
 a royal PITA !
Yerington, Nevada


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