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Wed Apr 15 09:17:53 PDT 2009

he rear of the car up on ramps=2C but the engine is level (on =22blocks=22=
)=2E  What is desperately needed is a lot of freedom for the engine to b=
e moved up and down with a jack while the angle is adjusted (usually by =
holding the exhaust pipes of a stock beetle muffler)=2E  If the gearbox =
is left in neutral=2C the input shaft will usually rotate a bit for the =
splines to line up=2E  IF you have the car supported on the wheels=2C th=
ough=2C you may have to leave it in gear and have a helper turn the engi=
ne a bit by the generator pulley to align the splines=2E

To do this job safely=2C you really need a special jack=2E  When you sit=
 the engine or heat exchangers on blocks=2C when you lift the back to li=
ne up with the car=2C you are lowering the flywheel relative to the tran=
saxle=2E  It CAN be done that way=2C but it is not easy=2E  I say specia=
l jack=2C because the usual system of lifting by the middle of the sump =
is very unstable (but is what 99=25 of people do)=2E  If we are doing to=
ol bragging rights=3A  I built a large jack many years ago that first li=
fts the car or van high enough to clear an engine=2C then take it out an=
d place the engine on a pad the exactly fits a Type I or Type III sump a=
nd has a =22tilt lever=22 on it as well=2E  One then raises the jack ins=
ide of the engine bay and tilts and adjusts height until the transaxle f=
ace and flywheel teeth show parallel=2C and just shove it in=2E  However=
=2C I have to admit my fastest engine changes were done when I was a kid=
 in a gas station=3A  car in=2C up on hoist=2C 45 (55 to our measurement=
 challenged friends South of the 49th) gallon drum underneath=2C lower i=
nto place=2C yank the 36 out=2C change clutch disc=2C lower car back of =
engine=2C push back in=2E=2E=2E=2E=2E12 minutes start to finish=2E  Secr=
et was that both the car and the engine were dead level=2E

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From=3A =22Dr=2E Grunert=22 =3Cjhsg=40sasktel=2Enet=3E
Date=3A Wednesday=2C September 15=2C 2010 11=3A12 pm
Subject=3A Re=3A =5BVwdiesel=5D Not Diesel=2C 70 VW bug motor install no=
t going in=2E=2E=2E

=3E It=27s not enough to stick the alignment tool in=2C you have to look=

=3E from the end=2C and be sure the disk is centered=2E  THe cheap plast=
ic =

=3E alignment tools allow too much movement hither and yon=2E   The =

=3E description you give points to the disk not lined up right=2E
=3E -james
=3E =

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=3E From=3A Dave Cook =3Cdavevw=40yahoo=2Ecom=3E
=3E Date=3A Wednesday=2C September 15=2C 2010 8=3A55 am
=3E Subject=3A Re=3A =5BVwdiesel=5D Not Diesel=2C 70 VW bug motor instal=
l not =

=3E going in=2E=2E=2E
=3E =

=3E =3E Hmm=2E=2E=2E  It seems like if the flywheel is halfway in then =

=3E probably =

=3E =3E the input shaft should be contacting the clutch=2E  So turning t=
he =

=3E =3E motor was my first thought=2C but you say you did that=2E  =

=3E =3E =

=3E =3E You did remember to remove the alignment tool=2C right=3F  =3A)
=3E =3E =

=3E =3E The clutch throwout bearing is in=2C right=3F  (Like there is =

=3E nothing =

=3E =3E holding the clutch cable down=2C or the arm not blocked from =

=3E =3E retracting somehow=3F)  I could see that not allowing you to pus=
h =

=3E =3E the engine back=2E
=3E =3E =

=3E =3E Check the front (=3D toward front of car) of the heaterboxes=2E =

=3E They =

=3E =3E might be caught up in the firewall=2C or caught on the tubes tha=
t =

=3E go =

=3E =3E toward the front of the car=2E  =

=3E =3E =

=3E =3E I had a 60 beetle=2E  I swapped the 36hp motor and trans for a =

=3E 1600 =

=3E =3E with trans=2E  This =22package=22 was longer than original and I=
 had =

=3E to =

=3E =3E trim up the back tin=2E  Also the heater boxes were different an=
d =

=3E =3E the firewall interefered=2C so I had to remove the whole exhaust=

=3E =3E before removing the engine=2E  This took a 15 minute or less job=

=3E to =

=3E =3E a couple hours=2E  But couple hour drives went to 15 minute ones=
!  =3B)
=3E =3E =

=3E =3E Also=2C I found an ATV jack was spaced just right to fit the sid=
es =

=3E =3E of the engine case on an air cooled VW=2E  Also=2C it is handy t=
o =

=3E use =

=3E =3E for removing/installing the transmission in a watercooled VW=2E =

=3E =3E Much more stable holding it than a regular jack=2E
=3E =3E =

=3E =3E Dave Cook
=3E =3E =

=3E =3E =

=3E =3E --- On Tue=2C 9/14/10=2C Bryan Belman =3Cdieselwesty=40yahoo=2Ec=
om=3E wrote=3A
=3E =3E =

=3E =3E =3E From=3A Bryan Belman =3Cdieselwesty=40yahoo=2Ecom=3E
=3E =3E =3E Subject=3A =5BVwdiesel=5D Not Diesel=2C 70 VW bug motor inst=
all not =

=3E =3E going in=2E=2E=2E
=3E =3E =3E To=3A vwdiesel=40vwfans=2Ecom
=3E =3E =3E Date=3A Tuesday=2C September 14=2C 2010=2C 2=3A46 PM
=3E =3E =3E OK=2C I got my work out last night for
=3E =3E =3E 2=2E5 hours trying to get my bug engine back =

=3E =3E =3E in=2E
=3E =3E =3E I had the back of the car jacked up way to high and to much
=3E =3E =3E angle on the first =

=3E =3E =3E attempt=2C so I know why I failed there=2E
=3E =3E =3E Mind you=2C I have no lift=2C so this is all with jacks=2C
=3E =3E =3E blocks=A0and fun=2E=A0 I am lucky =

=3E =3E =3E to have a nice clean garage=2C I am a freak that way for sur=
=3E =3E =3E after working for 20 =

=3E =3E =3E plus years out in the street=2E
=3E =3E =3E =

=3E =3E =3E After first=A0install failed=2C I=A0assumed the input shaft =
=3E =3E =3E getting hung up on the =

=3E =3E =3E clutch=A0or just not going in=2C bad angle=2E
=3E =3E =3E =

=3E =3E =3E I did not remove the clutch or fly wheel=2C this was a
=3E =3E =3E running engine so to speak =

=3E =3E =3E before it was removed for head swap=2E
=3E =3E =3E So=2C I will double check that tonight=2C I will insert the
=3E =3E =3E clutch alignment tool =

=3E =3E =3E just to be sure I am good there=2C nothing moved somehow=3F
=3E =3E =3E =

=3E =3E =3E =

=3E =3E =3E So=2C 2nd attempt=2C with the motor on the floor on blocks o=
=3E =3E =3E wood under the heater =

=3E =3E =3E exchanges=2C I can remove my floor jack so I can jack the ca=
=3E =3E =3E up to remove it from =

=3E =3E =3E the jack stands and bring it back down lower=2C to get=A0a
=3E =3E =3E better angle on the input =

=3E =3E =3E shaft getting hung up on clutch=3F
=3E =3E =3E =

=3E =3E =3E I put rear tires on and bring it back down to tires sitting
=3E =3E =3E on=A04 inch blocks=2C =

=3E =3E =3E that should be low enough=2E
=3E =3E =3E =

=3E =3E =3E I put my floor jack under the motor and get her up and can
=3E =3E =3E get the two bottom =

=3E =3E =3E motor studs in the lower tranny holes and the input shaft
=3E =3E =3E has gone into the =

=3E =3E =3E clutch hole=2E
=3E =3E =3E Same thing=2C it gets about 1 inch in and will not go in any=

=3E =3E =3E more=2C push=2C wiggle=2C =

=3E =3E =3E lift the back of the motor up=2C the flywheel is 1/2 to 3/4
=3E =3E =3E way into the bell =

=3E =3E =3E housing=2C it looks even and strait=2C the motor does not lo=
=3E =3E =3E to be cocked =

=3E =3E =3E downward=2C things seem lines up=2E=A0 But=2C no go=2C will =
not go
=3E =3E =3E in=2E
=3E =3E =3E =

=3E =3E =3E The muffler does not seem to be getting hung up here=3F
=3E =3E =3E I tried to turn the motor to line up the clutch plate with
=3E =3E =3E the input shaft=2C =

=3E =3E =3E nothing=2C did not feel as if the two of them were even
=3E =3E =3E touching=A0yet=2E
=3E =3E =3E =

=3E =3E =3E It has been years since I took a but motor out (easy=2C very=

=3E =3E =3E easy) and back in=2E=A0 =

=3E =3E =3E Am I stupid and missing something here=3F
=3E =3E =3E The motor is 98=25 complete=2C just needs carb=2C distributo=
r cap
=3E =3E =3E and spark plug wires =

=3E =3E =3E to be put back on=2C so nothing in the way there=2E
=3E =3E =3E =

=3E =3E =3E =

=3E =3E =3E =A0Thanks
=3E =3E =3E Bryan Belman=2C Pt=2E Pleasant=2C NJ
=3E =3E =3E 04 Jetta Wagon TDI PD=2C 100hp=2C 5sp -- running =3A=3C)
=3E =3E =3E 92 Jetta 1=2E6 Eco-Turbo Diesel=2C 5sp -- running =3A=3C)
=3E =3E =3E 82 Diesel Westy 1=2E9NA -- running =3A=3C)
=3E =3E =3E 70 Type 1 stock Beetle -- Not running =3A=3C( =

=3E =3E =3E =5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=
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