[Vwdiesel] vw-golf-parts.com quality????

Bryan Belman dieselwesty at yahoo.com
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I have a 1.6na pump from my 82 vanagon, it is the original pump and has been take apart 2 times, once for normal seals and once for the input shart seal in the front.

All in all the pump has about 120K miles on it and it stopped pumping fuel a few months ago, so could be an issue with the vain pump internally.
So, it most likely will need a re-build but if you want it, $75 plus shipping.

The pump is clean and in very good condition.

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how is t he quality of the stuff? i have heard not-so-good things w./ some of his stuff. (turbos, pump parts, etc)

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> Try this
> http://www.vw-golf-parts.com/


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