[Vwdiesel] Sold the Rabbit -- clearing out my big stockpile of VW diesel and A1 bits (Seattle)

George Allison george.allison at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 12:40:18 PDT 2009

Well, my long love affair with VW diesels is coming to an end. I've become a
Volvo convert. I sold my beloved Rabbit diesel last month... it had been my
daily driver for the last six years and had traveled with me in over 20
states from Washington to Vermont to Arizona, took me through New England
blizzards, Seattle downpours and the Nevada desert heat, and never let me
down through all of that. It was tough to see it drive away... but the time
had come to move on. I'm sure those of you on here understand. ;-)

For the last month I have gone back and forth about the huge stock of VW
diesel spares I have accumulated in my garage. I really needed the space
back but part of me wanted to keep the hope alive that I might get another
Veedub diesel and have a reason to hang onto the stuff. However, I just
bought yet another Volvo instead, and space and funds are really tight, so
the decision has been made: the VW diesel parts collection has got to go.

I have too much stuff to list here, so the best way is probably if you tell
me what you might need or want to have, and I'll email back and say if I
have it or not and we can figure out a price. I have almost everything
mechanical in the drivetrain. My spare tranny went with the car, but I have
flywheels, clutch parts, oil pans, valve covers, hardware... an injection
pump... engine manifolds... the bits to make a complete low-mileage 1.6L
12mm engine (head, short block, and all the stuff to put it all together)...
dozens of injectors and injector delivery pipes... front suspension
spindles, hubs and knuckles... complete good CV shafts with rotors and hubs
attached... rear brake drums and full rear hub assemblies... complete
exhaust systems... pretty much, if it has to do with the car running and
moving, I've got it and it needs to go! Most of this stuff came from Rabbits
but a lot of it is compatible with other IDI VW diesel cars, Dashers,
Quantums, Jettas, Golfs, Audi 4000s, etc.

I also have boxes of interior and exterior trim bits for A1/A2 cars: door
handles, window cranks, pedal pads, interior and exterior lighting bits,
climate control stuff, relays, switches, windshield washer tanks and pumps,
radiator fan/motor/shroud, bumper shocks, bumpers, wiper motors and wiper
arm assemblies, fuel caps.... I want my garage back, so it all has to go

I am located in northeast Seattle, near University Village. Email with your
needs and we can go from there.


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