[Vwdiesel] I have an idle, but it dies on acceleration

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Mon Aug 17 21:26:35 PDT 2009

Sounds like either the charge pump has stuck vanes, it could be a fuel
restriction, or an incorrect pump throttle lever position.
Did you have the pump top levers off?  Or to rephrase that, has it ever ran
right for you and you don't know that the levers are on right?  
If for sure you have good fuel supply, and the internal charge pump is
working fine.
They may have to come off, then be reinstalled to the next mark.  You have
to take it apart, and keep the bottom one on so you can see where it indexes
to the throttle shaft, then turn things to the next mark, so the pump is
opening more.
If it is for sure exactly as it was when last running well, then the
internal charge pump may have stuck vanes, which the diesel purge should
eventually loosen up.

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> Subject: [Vwdiesel] I have an idle, but it dies on acceleration
> Its an 82 diesel vanagon with a recently  installed, used 1.9 AAZ TD
> that
> sat for 5 years without use.
> New glow  plugs, fresh fuel, and new air and fuel filter have provided
> quick starting, a  fairly stable idle, and the unmistakable whine of a
> turbocharger.
> It  takes quite a bit of accelerator movement to gain any increase in
> rpm;
> and if I  accelerate it all the way, the engine rpm does increase
> before the
> engine simply  dies. I can restart it without difficulty and repeat the
> process right away.
> After the engine warms up a bit, the idle gets less even and it
> eventually
> dies without trying to accelerate it.
> I ran two cans of "diesel purge" through it directly  out of the can;
> the
> idle evened out, it ran at a higher rate of speed  without quitting,
> and it
> died if I released the accelerator too  quickly.
> Using the fuel return line, I have suctioned fuel from the tank
> through
> the filter and injection pump. I have opened each injector line a bit
> and
> bled fuel out. I have checked the timing and everything appears OK.
> Any thoughts? I've tried everything that's worked for me with other
> engines.
> thanks!
> Mark
> Portland
> 82 vanagon w/ 1/9 AAZ TD
> 89 jetta  Diesel
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