[Vwdiesel] Changing oil on a 2001 Golf?

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Thu Aug 20 17:13:38 PDT 2009

   I don't have a TDI but do have a 2001 Ford Focus with 125,000+ miles on it. I run Amsoil 0W 30 & have generally changed oil at 20,000 to 23,000 miles. I changed the oil at 117,000 miles in June '09, then in July, I drove to Detroit, Mich. & then back home via Minneapolis/St. Paul. The oil dipstick is still over the full mark. In driving cross country I got up to 37 MPG across Nevada, Utah, & Wyoming where you could get "real gas", not gas with 10% ethanol which dropped MPG down to 29 MPG or lower. I bought an oil analyzer about 20 years & it has more than paid for itself with oil changes I haven't had to make. I am probably throwing money away changing after 23,000 miles as the analyzer said the oil was still fit for further use but just don't want to push my luck. My analyzer only measures the acid build up in the oil, not a full analysis but I use Amsoil oil & air filters so dirt is kept out of the engine. I am running Amsoil in my Model A Ford that I overhauled myself. Have over 6,000 miles & still at the full mark. Last change was 10 years ago & it still checks good. However, adopted an Amsoil air filter & also using an Amsoil full flow filter as a bi bypass filter so am able to keep the oil clean. Henry recommended oil changes every 500 miles but back then, there was no oil or air filters for the Model A & oil was of very poor quality compared to today's oils, especially synthetics.

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