[Vwdiesel] OK, half-assed oil change

Rolf Pechukas rbp at 4u2bu.org
Sat Aug 22 13:39:25 PDT 2009

2001 VW Golf TDi
working at my mom's house w/o any tools I did a topside oil change
but I could not get oil filter cap off, despite applying lobster  
cracker, reversed rubber pliers, and a strip of old timing belt that I  
twisted with pipe wrench ala strap tool
put in 4 qts Mobil 1 5w-30 (full synthetic)
which I now understand is not the proper spec
but I figured wrong new oil  and no filter change was better than same  
old oil and no filter change
my Q is:
how long should I wait b4 re-doing w/ new filter and proper 5w-40?
just long enough for the filter socket to arrive, or can I let it go  
for 5k miles or so?
thanks for any advice
- Rolf in MA

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