[Vwdiesel] More Quantum Questions?

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Hi Bill,
Louder clattering means more advanced.
 Cold start lever movement confirms this.
Possibly move pump away from engine. This will make it quieter.
The louder positions may be better for performance and economy though.

Your dials may not be off if the injector break pressures have dropped off 
slightly. This is a natural occurance and is not fatal or anything, but the 
drop in break pressures effectively advances injection... at 130bar of 
course accounts for n/a settings of 0.88 to 0.95, rather than 0.95 to 

Please help me Bill by posting this on the forum. I am sending this to you 
direct, as I cannot post to the forum!!

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> Found some time to work on the Quantum today, retimed it & got it started. 
> The problem is with the timing & I still don't think I have the timing 
> right. The other day when I got it started by coasting down a hill, the 
> engine seemed much smoother but lacked power. Today, the engine clatters a 
> lot more, slightly less so when I push the cold start in. Should I leave 
> it as is or should I move the IP slightly towards the engine or away from 
> the engine?
> I think part of the problem is my dial indicators. The $100 dial indicator 
> I bought from Parts Place didn't work as the inside shaft is not long 
> enough to touch what ever it is supposed to in the IP when I move the 
> engine contra clockwise from TDC. My old one is long enough when screwed 
> into the IP but when I rotate the engine clockwise from before TDC to TDC 
> the dial indicator goes to about 1.5 when the flywheel is at TDC. When I 
> moved the IP either towards the engine or away from the engine, the dial 
> indicator would move closer to the 1.0 reading so what I did was to nudge 
> the IP towards the engine until the dial indicator read 1.0 mm.
> In some earlier posts, there was discussion about "hillbilly" timing. Is 
> this moving the IP manually without use of the dial indicator till the 
> proper sound is heard?
> Bill Toensing, Nevada City, CA
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