[Vwdiesel] More Quantum questions? progress

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Did you check what I suggested Bill?
Here's another suggestion. The Quantum self primes prertty readily both fuel 
and coolant system not like the nasty little Rabbits. Sorry I digress!!
1) Remove your steel fuel lines.
2) place some rags over the coolant hoses.
3) Check that fuel cycles back to the tank. Crank engine with solenoid  and 
glowplug power disconnected If you don't have that then you have no chance 
of starting.
4)If you do have fuel going back to the tank, then reconnect solenoid and 
return fuel pipe. [remember leave injector rubber lines alone [they tell you 
nothing !] At this point I'd expect to see fuel leaking out of pump fuel 
line outputs. If you don't then problem is still either solenoid, or pump 
5)You do have diesel in the tank don't you?

6) Runaway from the pump is more common now that people have been turning up 
the max fuel too far, by removing protective sleeve. Granted only not 
turnoff-able if solenoid fails open, or revs go so high that the pressure 
drop across airfilter gets significant enough to suck everything out of the 
rocker cover....


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> Still won't start. Checked shut off solenoid - works. Have 12 volts to 
> glow plugs. Tried to add fuel to both front & rear of IP & did get some 
> in. Still can't get fuel flow out #1 injector by loosening pipe from IP, 
> didn't try 2,3,&4. Continued running attempts of around 20 seconds (don't 
> want to overdo & burn out starter) don't seem to work. How do I prim the 
> IP? Have not replaced fuel filter because it ran before removing head. 
> Have not tried starting fluid as I understand this is a no no.
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