[Vwdiesel] Fw: "W" alternator

mark shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Sun Feb 1 10:07:49 PST 2009

Forgot to send this to the forum!

> Tach over here is as likely as a/c or cruise control.
> Roger made uo a solution using an optical effect setup.
> There is apparently a way to make a 'w' connector by accessing the 
> alternator behind the diodes .
> The best solution by far is by a Reg Cheeseman,  [a west country bumpkin 
> from here in the UK ;op ] He took the time to take the circuits apart from 
> several brands of gasser tach and 1 diesel tach, and 'rebuilt' the 
> circuit. The GTD site should be searchable. He handed out his hard grafted 
> knowledge to  the public in the form of circuit diagrams... Give the 
> bugger  a Knighthood...

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>>> didn't any mk1s come with tachs and why wouldnt a gas one work?
>>> thanks
>>  Never saw one, maybe Mark got them in the UK?  Gas tach gets
>> 4 pulses per rev.  W terminal gets I'd guess it's 6 or 12 since there
>> are 6 diodes.  Could even be as much as 24 if there are 6 windings
>> and they see two hits per rev and each hit would get an up and a
>> down swing on the sine wave for two pulses per hit.  Just a guess.
>> Jake built a thingy for his once, uses a couple parts and a pot to
>> adjust it.  I have the schematic SOMEWHERE on a HD in a machine
>> somewhere in the house, I think.
>>  Maybe Roger has it on his diesel oracle?
>>    Loren
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