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Sun Feb 1 20:01:29 PST 2009

Yes you can put a tack in the older diesels a few ways. Roger has a kit that is pretty correct rpm. You can also get a gauge from Autometer that raps around the alternator and you can adjust the rpm setting till it is correct (which you would need a tach gun to gauge it correct starting out). There is the other way of using the W terminal alternator and it doesn't work from a gas as the brackets and pulley offset are different (tried that). You just need to get a car with an upshift light as the W terminal ran the upshift light. From there if you want a stock looking dash you get a GTI cluster with the tach and put it in the diesl cluster and circuit board. You have to take the clock circuit part off. From there you have to modify the circuits on the tack to take the extra pulses. I did it to both my rabbits. I won't say it is 100% correct and I found that if you aren't really good with soildering then the rpms change with time (once the alt warms up it drops rpm) also in the other rabbit the tach changes with extra electronics on. Basically it gets it close enough to see the basic rpm. It all depends on the time you spend calibrating it and soildering it and the money you put in to a different set up if you don't use that. Hope that helps. Also this may help
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