[Vwdiesel] OT: Engine Rebuild Question

Dave Cook davevw at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 3 11:13:17 PST 2009

Great to hear!  Hopefully that is all that happened, and I can get it running fairly inexpensively.  

Dave Cook

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> > Can the bearings be replaced with the engine/trans
> still in the car?  It 
> > seems like I could probably get to them from below,
> but I suppose the crank has 
> > to come out, and I don't think that can happen
> without removing the flex 
> > plate, huh?  
> > 
>   Peachy easy!  The two pan bolts closest to the tranny are
> easiest 
> to get at with a 1/4 drive and a universal to get in there.
>   Rod bearings are a cinch to do.  You'll need to be
> able to rotate 
> the crank to get al of them generally.  Get what you can,
> loosen 
> what you can at least and see if things move or at least
> find what's 
> stuck that way.  You can pull the cap then take a new
> insert, set 
> the "clean" side against the "notched"
> side of the old bearing in the 
> rod and rotate them around.  Now the new bearing is in the
> rod and 
> the old one is on the bottom, drop it out, put a new one on
> the cap 
> and put it on.  Be sure you don't mix caps or flip them
> 180.
>   Same goes for the mains if they need replaced.  The rear
> main's 
> bolts are close to the rear seal retainer.  You could grind
> the snot 
> out of a socket but I usually just chissel a little of the
> seal retainer 
> out of the way and tap a regular socket on the bolt.
>   That's the fun of these engines, you can do a minor
> overhaul in 
> frame!  :-)
>    Loren
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