[Vwdiesel] ULSD

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Tue Feb 3 16:35:06 PST 2009

That stuf is a potent solvent!

I had noticed the smell of dinodiesel coming from under the hood, and
investigated, to find that fuel was squirting out around the shaft of the pump!

I had replaced that seal a few years ago when I found the engine under a
cabbage leaf and installed it in Goldie.  It has been operating on veggie
mix, usually 50%, in summers, less in winter. This winter, I had refilled a
couple of times with ULSD as the weather got colder, and did not pay
attention to what I had already learned 2 years ago on a road trip of abt
1000 miles in the 94, where the then-new ULSD disolved whatever was sealing
some injector line connections, and showered the engine room with fuel.

I had tools with me, and cracked and tightened the connections, and all was

I had started the trip with veggie mix, and after using up the tank full,and
a coule of jugs from the trunk, had done the return leg on ULSD, not being
realy aware that I was using something new.

So back to Goldie.... I immediately started an IV drip of 50/50 direct in to
the filter, and before my very eyes, as the engine idled smoothly, the spray
disappeared and the seal healed up ln about 30 seconds!

I hosed down the TB and sprockets with brake cleaner, and watched for other
signs, and no leak(s) were found.

The TB has abt 50K on it and looks like new. It did not marinate very long,
and feels stiff like a new one, so I think I'll try to get thru to spring
with it before changing it.

What do you think?

I don't think these old clunkers were ever designed to run on such thin
distilate, and I will be keeping some veggie in the tank for the rest of the
winter, and using the block heater as needed.

I haven't been able to drive anyway for the last month and a half, with this
cast on my leg, But it comes off next week.  WHOOPEE.


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