[Vwdiesel] SCORE! new (used) 2001 TDi Golf (w/ a few issues)

Rolf Pechukas rbp at 4u2bu.org
Tue Feb 3 21:06:30 PST 2009

OK, they're going for $6-8k on eBay
I just snagged this for $2500
135k miles, and mostly great throughout
original owner, sweet kid moving to Cali in a couple days - motivated  

no rust, runs like a top, tranny snic snic, brakes good, good rubber,  
all lights work, dash fine, interior fine w/ couple exceptions,  
exterior flawless w/ one exception, suspension feels good
certainly passed the driving test

handful of issues I'll prolly be looking for help with:

- engine light is on, and a history of GP problems
my guess is the old wet relay = burned out plugs story - guy said come  
to think of it there was a water issue when leaves would collect in  
the windshield - but could also be something different
he's had it in to shop a few times over the GP issue over the years
(nervous abt this computerized car - everything seems so inaccessible)

- driver's door inside panel dismantled, apparently the crank handle  
didn't work,. kid tried to fix it and got flummoxed by Torx  head screws
shouldn't be too tough

- pass side dent in bumper
I'll need to pull or beat it out and bondo/repaint
tiny little side light cracked

- maybe pass side CV

- maybe slight clunk in pass side susp

- interior dome light and heater console lights don't work

- trunk needs a key to open

other than that, good to go

I guess my main concern is that Ck Engine light, and the GP issues
is this a known prob w 2001 Golfs?
I know electricals in general suck in VWs

thoughts? thanks all
(psyched to not be spending $8k on a ride)

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