[Vwdiesel] SCORE! new (used) 2001 TDi Golf (w/ a few issues)

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Tue Feb 3 21:48:14 PST 2009

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> great to know, James, thanks!
> (what is Vag-Com? sounds slightly pornographic... will it work on a  
> Mac?)

  http://www.ross-tech.com/   If they don't do Mac then with the 
price of used laptops these days, indulge in a PC based one just 
for the car.  Still cheap overall.  :-)

> can you provide a link to Fred's site?
> thx again,
  Glow plugs specifically:

  I'd be surprised if you have a dent in a METAL bumper.  I think all 
the visible bumper parts are urethane.  You might get somewhere 
with careful use of a heat gun.  I got a few out with as hot as I could 
touch and some pushing/rounded prying.  Otherwise you need the 
correct epoxy filler/repair stuff.  Make friends with a body shop.  :-)
  On Dad's '02 you can't open the hatch without a key unless you 
pop the lock release in the driver's door.  It auto locks in minutes 
of time or feet of driving ALWAYS.  Meaning you use the key, remote, 
or the release in the door.

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