[Vwdiesel] SCORE! new (used) 2001 TDi Golf (w/ a few issues)

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Wed Feb 4 07:24:07 PST 2009

  it's highly functional, better than vag's own software if you
>> ask me. it does it all, better than skunk and junk obd-II code readers.

difference between a obd-2 scanner at a parts store and VCDS is akin to 
a screwdriver and a full rolling cabinet toolchest.
Loren provided the link, Uwe and his wife Linda are great to deal with.
Just buy a windows box to run Vag-com.  For what you spent on this one, 
you can afford some accessories. :-) It's the toolchest of the modern 
era that can talk to the car.

>> - engine light is on, and a history of GP problems
>>> my guess is the old wet relay = burned out plugs story - guy said 
>>> come  to think of it there was a water issue when leaves would 
>>> collect in  the windshield 

No issue like that on these, don't bother pursuing it. It is most likely 
the harness itself.  It's basically a low current connection used in a 
high current application that is the problem.  Bad component selection 
on VW's part. Just because it looks like a spark plug on one end, 
doesn't mean you should use something that looks like a spark plug wire 
to get power there.
>>> - interior dome light and heater console lights don't work
Does this one use a button switch on the chassis to turn the door light 
circuit on, or is there a sensor in the door?  If there's no switch, 
there's a door sensor inside the door he may have been trying to tackle.
That's a c-note thing. feh.  Parents 05 Passat has gone through 2 of 
them.  I thought they went to a solid state thing to get away from 
mechanical part failure.  Good call there....

>>> - trunk needs a key to open
Unfortunately, one of the most convenient features EVER was deleted by 
VW homeland security to keep passing terrorists from jumping into your 
trunk. Gone is the ability to open the trunk with a reliable mechanical 
pushbutton.  Now you need to fumble with the remote in your hand, or use 
the interior switch.  I know here, the solenoid doesn't have enough poop 
to open the trunk at -35, which makes for some consternation when you 
have a cart full of groceries, are in the store parking lot at -30 with 
a good stiff wind, and you were planning on using the seats for a wife 
and a couple kids. A pushbutton trunk opener was so simple, but a small 
consolation is that the kids like it when all the lights flash when you 
use the remote button fifty times in rapid succession...

>>> other than that, good to go
>>> I guess my main concern is that Ck Engine light, and the GP issues
>>> is this a known prob w 2001 Golfs?
yeah.  At least they don't tend to burst into flame or anything.
Pull the rubber boots back in the door hinge area and inspect the wire 
harness there.  That's another bad spot.  The wire harness insulation 
tends to crack at cold temps, and let the gremlins out that are stored 
in the wire. I've built a couple new door harnesses because of this.

>>> I know electricals in general suck in VWs
>>> thoughts? thanks all
>>> (psyched to not be spending $8k on a ride)
No kidding. Don't stop now, we all want one for that.

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