[Vwdiesel] ULSD

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Wed Feb 4 07:38:30 PST 2009

> The TB has abt 50K on it and looks like new. It did not marinate very long,
> and feels stiff like a new one, so I think I'll try to get thru to spring
> with it before changing it.

Yeah, wouldn't worry about it.

> I don't think these old clunkers were ever designed to run on such thin
> distilate, and I will be keeping some veggie in the tank for the rest of the
> winter, and using the block heater as needed.

I suspect there is some seal modifier at work here.  Maybe some seal 
swelling action from the mix you were using, that gets removed by the 
ULSD?  We've had ULSD here for quite a while Sandy, at least a year 
longer than in the US.  There wasn't much hooplah about it, but we've 
been burning ULSD for 3 seasons on the farm. Only bad thing so far was 
one Bosch pump sprung multiple leaks suddenly after being installed 
after a many year hiatus.  Chat with buddy at the pump shop confirms 
that old pumps that have been idle for some time and have never seen 
ULSD, when put back into service, tend to experience seal failure.  It 
does take some time, but I suspect it is something similar to the seal 
modifier effect of using ATF, except that the buna-n shrinks when 
exposed to the ULSD.  If I use my crystal ball, I see a pump rebuild in 
your future...

> I haven't been able to drive anyway for the last month and a half, with this
> cast on my leg, But it comes off next week.  WHOOPEE.
Skydiving again?

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