[Vwdiesel] SCORE! new (used) 2001 TDi Golf (w/ a few issues)

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 4 07:59:07 PST 2009

As was mentioned, the GP harnesses are a problem. Probably replaced/repaired 
25 of them int he year I worked for the local independent.

The GP circuit looks for a resistance difference between the two sides (each 
side of the harness feeds two GP's). If the harness is wotherwise in good 
condition, and the GP's check out, I've also hooked the two circuits 
together, and this causes the CEL circuit to see the same resistance across 
both GP circuits.

On the trunk, if the bottone doesn't work, a lot of times it's the button 
itself. Very common on these, along with the rear latch plastic breaking.


----- Original Message ----- 
> - engine light is on, and a history of GP problems
> my guess is the old wet relay = burned out plugs story - guy said come
> to think of it there was a water issue when leaves would collect in
> the windshield - but could also be something different
> he's had it in to shop a few times over the GP issue over the years
> (nervous abt this computerized car - everything seems so inaccessible)

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