[Vwdiesel] ULSD

William A. Thompson twogreek at cedarcomm.com
Wed Feb 4 22:58:35 PST 2009

Again I remind that I am lurker who rarely posts
but definitely appreciates the knowledge and
experience shared in here by our frequent
knowledgeable posters.

Thank you.

Having 3 diesel Rabbits in which I have replaced
seals (o-rings) associated to the injection pump
start lever .... and having since seemingly
developed other leaks afterwards in all of them
due to ULSD, I have concluded,as noted here by
others, that I need at least complete seal jobs
done on all of them.

When the term "rebuild" is used here, are we using
it in the context of a real rebuild as in honing
and installing oversize parts, whatnot and
resealinig or in the context of a reconditioning
limited to cleaning/mixing and
matching/reusing/canabalizing old parts and

If there are choices as to rebuild or recondition,
who has a good reputation for a good true rebuild
or a good reconditioning? Are there any real world
reasons to prefer one over the other?

I am north of Seattle in Mt. Vernon and for
various reasons would prefer to deliver/pick up my
pumps. If the better reputation is further afield
I would forgo the face to face advantages.

    ... Bill

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