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> When the term "rebuild" is used here, are we using
> it in the context of a real rebuild as in honing
> and installing oversize parts, whatnot and
> resealinig or in the context of a reconditioning
> limited to cleaning/mixing and
> matching/reusing/canabalizing old parts and
> resealing?

  I just had Seattle Injector do one.  Cost was about the same as 
my Rabbit pump was by Spokane Diesel, many years ago.  I was 
more impressed by the appearance of SI's job over SD's.  It did idle 
at about 4k though.  Had to take it back for recalibrating.  Then I 
had to turn things up quite a bit to get my power back, but then I'd 
turned it up a lot originally.  Good people and I still think they did 
good work, just had an off day.
  I just needed resealed but the labor price is the same or darn close, 
to reseal or to fully rebuild, other than parts.  Parts ran about $50 
of the bill iirc.  Total was around $400 give or take.  Can't find the 

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