[Vwdiesel] Clutch Thumping

Will Taygan william at taygan.com
Thu Feb 5 22:39:10 PST 2009

Wow, I have been going through unending round of repairs.

91 Jetta 1.6 ecodiesel

For the past year the clutch/tranny or something would rattle at idle.
When I would speed up it would catch and run smoothly.

Today the wife calls from the highway saying something sounds like it's
dragging, but she can't see anything.

I take it out this evening and my first thought is CV joints, but it
doesn't happen on turns and sounds to be coming from directly under the

At high speeds the sound goes away.

It happens worst when accelerating/driving at slow speeds, but it will
make sounds while slowing down in gear.

The sound comes and goes.

I can make it quiet by depressing the clutch while slowing down.

I'm assuming I need to do some clutch work.  Time to learn something new
and buy more tools I guess.


Drive till it breaks, or fix immediately?

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