[Vwdiesel] SCORE! new (used) 2001 TDi Golf (w/ a few issues)

Rolf Pechukas rbp at 4u2bu.org
Fri Feb 6 04:58:07 PST 2009

hey all
just drove home my hot little black pony last night
fantastic, and very psyched
several things need immediate attention:

1. timing belt
may still be original at 135k
no record of it being done by original owner
anyone have an illustrated procedure posted online for doing these?
any things to look for if I'm trying to inspect it for wear?
things seem a little tight in the engine bay
is this a major PITA?
special tools?
# hrs?

2. dirver's side window
crank handle stripped, PO says glass support bracket broken, or at  
least window dislodged
currently held up w/ duct tape and no way to open door from inside car
Q: HOW is latch released from inside car?
anyway to rig something up while I work on this, so I can get in and  
out w/o doing acrobatics?
inner door panel needs to be removed, I assume?
is there anywhere I can post pics so you all can see what I'm looking  

3. pass side mirror
anyone have one?

several more issues to come
(i.e. horn not working)
but these are the top 3

BTW, what's the best book to get for wkg on these?


Rolf in MA

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