[Vwdiesel] Clutch Thumping

raymond greeley rgreeley2 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 6 07:09:07 PST 2009

My thinking is clutch though you should feel something in the pedal when the noise is occurring. Others here have talked about bolts rattling loose in the t-belt area and causing 
damage. for the sake of family safety and engine protection i would try to isolate the area affected and then decide how to time the repair, maybe you should get several mechanics 
opinions that you trust.r> From: william at taygan.com> To: vwdiesel at vwfans.com> Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 21:39:10 -0900> Subject: [Vwdiesel] Clutch Thumping> > Wow, I have been going through unending round of repairs.> > 91 Jetta 1.6 ecodiesel> > For the past year the clutch/tranny or something would rattle at idle.> When I would speed up it would catch and run smoothly.> > Today the wife calls from the highway saying something sounds like it's> dragging, but she can't see anything.> > I take it out this evening and my first thought is CV joints, but it> doesn't happen on turns and sounds to be coming from directly under the> engine.> > At high speeds the sound goes away.> > It happens worst when accelerating/driving at slow speeds, but it will> make sounds while slowing down in gear.> > The sound comes and goes.> > I can make it quiet by depressing the clutch while slowing down.> > I'm assuming I need to do some clutch work. Time to learn something new> and buy more tools I guess.> > Ideas?> > Drive till it breaks, or fix immediately?> > _______________________________________________> Vwdiesel mailing list> Vwdiesel at vwfans.com> http://www.audifans.com/mailman/listinfo/vwdiesel
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