[Vwdiesel] hydraulic lifters

Rudy petersenrudy at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 8 20:03:25 PST 2009

I've had White Smoke problems ever since startup on a new 91 1.6l Hydraulic
Lifter Engine.  There were some Fuel issues that naturally showed up right
after starting first time and it took me a while to run all those down,
finally got that figured out, but Engine continued to Smoke White unburned
Fuel Smoke way too much.
Last week I pulled the Injectors and took them to be tested, they all tested
good, next was planning on taking the Pump to Seattle Injector to get tested
and figure out what's wrong.  In the mean time today I did a Compression
Test, #1 450,  #2 500,  #3 0,  #4 450.
The Engine was cold but showed plenty of Oil at Lifters during test.  The
Exhaust Valve on #3 was pretty tight, seems there was tight contact with Cam
Lobe up, couldn't turn Lifter with my fingers.
I've had Hydraulic Lifters fail before and not hold pressure and leak down,
but never had one fail full and not leak down, anyone else ever run in to
this with a Hydraulic Lifter.  I'm hoping this Lifter has failed pumped up
without leaking down rather than a bent Valve and stuck open.  Anyone ever
experience this?  Rebuilt Head, new Valves, Guides, Seals ect., used the old
Anyone know of a way to test the Lifters on the bench?

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