[Vwdiesel] Engine eating pulley

mikitka mikitka at embarqmail.com
Sun Feb 15 16:17:53 PST 2009

If memory serves me well. My 91 jetta crank pulley caused me to snap a cam
when it came loose. To tighten I had to pull the pan, wooden block the crank
and then torque to 150lbs + a half turn more. That half turn more was a
bear. I wasn't sure my breaker bar was going to hold up. But it is on there
now and hopefully will not be coming off any time soon.


  Those crank bolts take a lot of torque, even the old, non-stretch 
ones.  It's not uncommon to have to pull the pan and block the 
crank in order to get it loose initially.  A bit of red loctite on the 
mating surface as well as the threads isn't a bad idea.  I'd be more 
for using blue on the threads though.  Torque is 100ft/lbs + as I 
recall.  I usually just do whatever the good air wrench will put out. 
Somewhere just above 150 ft/lbs I'd say.
  Make sure which bolt you have and torque it well!

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