[Vwdiesel] Another Biodiesel source...

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That is just repulsive, but chemically possible I guess.  He has been burning it in his SUV, What, an old Chevy Suburban with 6.2 diesel hog engine?
That motor will burn about anything you put in it.

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From today's "The Province" (a British Columbia newspaper)...

"Forbes magazine reported in December that state authorities were investigating Beverley Hills CA plastic surgeon Alan Bittner over his claim that he had created diesel fuel for his and his girlfriend's SUVs out of liposuctioned fat from his patients.  California law is said to prohibit using medical waste for such a purpose... Bittner's claims came to light in patients' lawsuits over liposuction treatments, quoting Bittner as bragging about the biodiesel."

I have heard that biodiesel from the Golden Arches smells like french fries... 

rgds, g.

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