[Vwdiesel] Engine eating pulley

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Mon Feb 16 15:03:25 PST 2009

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sagspottery at tiscali.co.uk writes:

> The bolt I have looks different to both of these. It's a standard hex head 
> that is 20mm (I think I said 15mm in my previous email). Anyway, I have 
> ordered a new pulley and the new type bolt, which will be with me on 
> Wednesday.

  Of course remember the actual size of the bolt is the diameter 
of the bolt and not the size of the head as we'll often refer to 

> With regard to holding the crank still, the engine is still in the van, so 
> the only purchase I can get on the flywheel is a something like a crowbar or 
> a large, flat-bladed screwdriver or similar through the timing spy-hole and 
> jam it between the teeth. I am worried that the torque of the gun would 
> strip a few teeth off the flywheel though. I am reluctant to drop the pan if 
> I can help it, but if it is the only way.....

  An impact wrench tends to need less holding than straight torque 
since you're hammering the bolt in tight rather than a constant 
pull up to the necessary torque.  Unlikely you'll strip teeth so long 
as you hold the flywheel firmly.  The catch is to hold it so it doesn't 
move around.  Usually takes a second person.

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